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App : archiCADmonkey on Android

archicadmonkey on android

I’ve been looking into how to create an archiCADmonkey app for the iPhone - though I’m not really comfortable with the code yet. So, I’ve taken the easier route with the help of the Wizzard Media team at my podcast hosting service Libsyn. They’ve created a great online system to automatically create iPhone + Android versions, distribute them and analyse the download stats. The process is simple, as I finished it in under an hour!

So, the archiCADmonkey app features a direct stream of the blog, the
@acmonkey twitter feed, the Vimeo videos, and the Flickr pictures feed. The iPhone version is going to take a couple of weeks to get through the App store process, but the Android version is up + running! As I understand you can search for Android apps online, but you have to download it directly from an Android phone, as there isn’t an online Android app store.

So go check it out and if you like it, don’t forget to review it !

Now go get it

The archiCADmonkey app on Android

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