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ACM002 - archiCADmonkey reborn | back in business

I’m very excited to get archiCADmonkey back on the bitwaves with my new website and revamped show. I’d like to firstly thank everyone for your patience, and especially all the great comments + feedback. It’s been over a year since my last show, as a lot has been going on since then. After a tough final year at university, I finally graduated from architecture in July. Since then I’ve been working in Greece + the UK as an architectual assistant, while redeveloping the show in my spare time.

it’s more than just a screencast ... it's the archiCADmonkey blog!

So, the archiCADmonkey blog will feature the tutorial posts, some up to date information on the software I cover in the screencasts, along with useful CAD news and websites.

The upcoming shows will cover introductions, tips + tricks of many of the established architectural programs, as well as some other useful applications on the mac + pc + iphone.

I have received a few requests about some advanced features of the programs, but I think that the evolution of the shows should reflect the learning path of the beginner to the experienced user. So the first shows will be focused on the basic principles + techniques for CADnewbies and will evolve to more advanced techniques for the more experienced and CADveterans.

To view the show, you can subscribe via RSS or through iTunes or Miro.

To check it out now, play the lower quality version below:

Please feel free to comment on any of the posts, give some feedback on the content or just say hi at archicadmonkey@gmail.com


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