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Adobe CS5 online sneak preview event

adobe cs5 preview
Adobe is offering a sneak preview of it’s new Creative Suite 5 software, online today at 4pm BST.

CS5 is said to have over 250 new features across the Suite, but I’m most excited about the great stuff they’re bringing with Photoshop CS5. It’ll be much easier to detect object borders within an image - simplifying the ever time-consuming task of removing objects and applying effects, but the most impressive feature must be the Content-Aware Fill. This is where you can cut out an object, and instead of having to clone and merge to make it look like it was never there, Photoshop takes care of the it automatically, filling the space with the surrounding scenery or pattern :

Among all the innovative tools Photoshop CS5’s new brush tools - similar to Corel Painter where “wet paint” merges - and Warping technology seem quite intriguing as well. Similar to the After Effects’ Puppet tool, you can warp an image by placing certain “lock pins” - to make them stay in place - and the move the other areas freely, while an overlaid triangulated grid displays how the image is being warped. In the example below on the Adobe video, a referee’s arms are positioned quite freely around his body.

Some more exciting features are being shown at the global sneak preview later on today, you can register now so you don’t miss it. It’s gonna be awesome!

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