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Apple finally unveils the iPad

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It seems my predictions weren’t far from the truth. Yesterday Apple finally announced their “magical and revolutionary product”, the aptly named
iPad. Bigger than an iPhone, smaller than a Macbook, it’s juuuuust right. Most may not see it yet, but it’s got all the features to become another game changer.

The pieces of the keynote I was able to see - before nearly every site reporting the event live crashed from the overwhelming bandwith - were very exciting. When Steve Jobs was unveiling it and strolling on the stage, it reminded me of something from my final year university project. I designed a multi-sensory education environment, where students + tutors could present their lectures, exhibit their work, and communicate interactively all in one massive “ambi-theatre”. To exhibit the concept I wanted to show how a lecturer could achieve this interactivity without a podium to rest his laptop on. As the rumours of the mythical tablet had started a few months earlier, it was the obvious solution. I imagined a LED-floodlit Steve doing what he does best.

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