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Hey everyone, just a quick update. If you’ve been following me on twitter - @acmonkey - you probably noticed that on Friday (which coincidently was the day of the iPad launch in the UK) I went out for a quick jog, having no intention of going by my nearest Apple store (Manchester Arndale) but somehow ended up there, and I thought I may as well try the iPad out to actually see if it’s any good. After two minutes I was completely hooked, it might be a cliche but everything about it blew my mind. Adding to my surprise I found out the Wifi versions were hardly touched, apparently everyone had cleared the store out of the 3G versions, so after a half hour of controlling myself my tech geek side overpowered me and I gave in.

I have to say I don’t regret it at all, I got the 16Gb Wifi version - as I don’t really need the 3G one because I have my iPhone, and soon I’ll be using a MiFi to create my personal mobile Wifi “bubble” - and it is truly an awesome piece of tech. Check out my Flickr page for the unboxing photos, it might be cheesy but it’s one of the rituals many other tech enthusiasts enjoy, as it’s a bit like Xmas everytime we get a new product.

I’ve been using it pretty much non-stop, only putting it down to do some CAD and rendering work on the MB pro. Just browsing the internet is so fast and intuitive that it’s like, why hasn’t it always been this way? It’s made for consuming media and information and on both it does a great job. Reading webpages, RSS feeds, viewing maps, watching podcasts is such an experience, but magazine reading has to be a game changer - if you haven’t already downloaded the Wired iPad magazine app trust me you won’t be disappointed, it’s setting the standard of digital magazines. Ok enough about that, I could go on like this all day....

I just wanted to end with a note that I quickly tested the iTunes feeds of the archiCADmonkey show (the HD one + the iPod | iPhone version) and both seem to work a treat, although obviously the HD one looks a lot better.

Anyway you can expect many more posts on some great iPad apps I find and test, so if you have any favourites or find any new ones feel free to share them here in the comments section below.

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