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Archicad 14 is announced and on the way!

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After only a few months since Archicad 13, which brought astonishing improvements to the BIM universe, Graphisoft has announced the latest version of its award-winning architectural design software, ArchiCAD 14 !

Graphisoft has been excelling in innovation for over two decades and thus continues offering intelligent workflow solutions to design professionals. ArchiCAD 14 is said to have many requested productivity improvements, including better 3D visualisation, shadows in 3D OpenGL mode (....finally!!!), enhanced 2D drafting, enriched details to modelling construction elements, streamlined Autocad 2010 DWG I/O, improved handling of libraries and library parts + many more - resulting in faster + more polished design and documentation workflows - and thus achieving “best-in-class BIM workflow”.

Along with all these refinements, it’s said to increase productivity for architects throughout the full BIM workflow cycle, focusing on greater integration and collaboration workflow of the architect and the engineer. This is achieved by taking full advantage of IFC technology and creating a complete workflow solution - enabling collaboration between architects and engineers - regardless of discipline, software or version they’re using.

IFC is an international standard and still the definitive open model for the representation and exchange of information in the construction industry. Archicad has already been able communicate very effectively with a wide range of structural + energy analysis software, but the imminent improvements of Archicad 14 bring this “open” approach of interdisciplinary collaboration much closer to real Ingegrated Project Delivery (IPD) - which will result in less coordination errors and much faster deliveries. These include : model mapping, element classification, IFC reference model version tracking and change management support - making the collaboration and coordination a very smooth and automatic process.

On top of all this, Archicad’s revolutionary BIM Server based “Teamwork” has been improved and optimised for sharing BIM projects - bringing us even closer to true location-independant architectural design teams - with “Teamwork Pack & Go”.

Apparently Archicad 14 will be available for purchase worldwide as of June 1st, so I’m planning on doing a few tutorial shows on the new features, as soon as I can get my hands on the new release, so keep checking back in the following weeks.

Checkout all the new features of ArchiCAD 14

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