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My article in ArchiMAG magazine : April 2011

So, a few days ago I was contacted by ArchiMAG, the international ArchiCAD focused magazine, saying that they wanted to feature one of my tutorials on their blog, and they did, which was great! But then we got talking a bit more and they asked me if I’d like to possibly write for their magazine. I’ve never written anything professionally before, but a couple of articles on the blog have actually brought some consistently large traffic, so I’m giving it a shot!

The periodical covers articles about software and hardware as well as tips n’ tricks, and this month the ArchiMAG magazine is featuring one of my older but still relevant blogposts, “How to use Apple’s Magic Mouse with CAD”. I’m attempting to have at least one article for each future issue of ArchiMAG, so stay tuned.

Check out the cover of this issue’s magazine along with the actual article below!
I gotta say, it looks pretty awesome, right? :)

More information and subscription options at http://www.archimag.org/

ArchiMAG April 2011 cover

ArchiMAG April 2011 Article -- How to use Magic Mouse with CAD

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