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Artlantis Render Contest : June 2010

artlantis render context

Ok so by now after the tutorial shows “
Intro to Artlantis” and “Artlantis 101” you’re probably starting to get the hang of it, experimenting further with shaders and rendering a few scenes.

Now you can test your knowledge on an Artlantis Rendering Contest, created Design8 and
Artlantismedia.nl. There is no modelling involved just download a ready-made model and render the hell out of it!

If you’re using
Artlantis V2 you want this one, and Artlantis V3 this one.

1st prize is a 3 year subscription to Artlantismedia.nl (worth €270) + 3 Artlantis Media CD’s - 3D Furniture, Modern Furniture and Wood (worth €285),

2nd prize is a 2 year subscription to Artlantismedia.nl (worth €180) + 2 Artlantis Media CD’s - Batheroom & Spa and Industrial (worth €190),

and finally
3rd prize is a 1 year subscription to Artlantismedia.nl (worth €90) + 1 Artlantis Media CD - 3D Furniture (worth €95).

You must only submit ONE render in Jpg, Tiff, or Png (1000 pixels wide MAX), and send it by June 30th to
info@design8.eu. They are apparently allowing a bit of post process in Photohop as well, but if you do so you have to send the unprocessed rendered image along with it.

For full details of the competition, visit

If you do enter, remember to share your designs here. Have fun + happy rendering!

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