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BIM on iPad shown off by Bentley systems

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bentley ipad

A great find for today, Laura Handler of
bimX has had an interesting encounter at the annual Bentley conference - BE Community Live - with some tablet technology + a bit of augmented reality in the mix.

Bentley does a lot of amazing Research + Development work, but one of the most exciting bits was what they’s doing with QR codes. These are two-dimensional barcodes (matrix codes) developed in Japan intended for allowing its contents to be decoded at high speed, thus Quick Response.

QR code archicadmonkey

Here’s one I just created for the archiCADmonkey site - it should decode as www.archicadmonkey.com. You can create your own QR code for free at
QR code generator, and using an iPhone you can even read them with QR Reader app by TapMedia for free.

QR codes are apparently great for model navigation. By synchronising a computer’s camera view to a model, you can move in physical space (rotate, move backwards or forwards) and it registers to the QR codes and navigates around the model. Checkout the image below, where QR codes are printed on a 2D plan and as the VAIO’s camera picks them up, an overlay of a 3D model appears in the camera view.

qr code vaio
Image source : bimX

In her followup post Laura also added a quick video of the integration of all this into the iPad, while taking advantage of its internal GPS. They showed off a mobile version of Bentley Navigator - which at the moment is a desktop application that enables you to visualise, navigate, and interact with intelligent 3D models - and using the iPad’s internal GPS you can virtually navigate around the model while physically moving the iPad, as if it were a “magic window” so to speak. The experience doesn’t seem to be as smooth as one would hope, but it’s still in development of course...well possibly.

video source : bimX

I hope they’re working on it though, as clearly this location-based augmented reality type application could be very handy or even grow to be essential on site.

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