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Interview with Gabriel Mathews of Polyplane.com


I am very happy to have had the opportunity to interview Gabriel Mathews (@sirgabe), creator of Polyplane.com, Director of Creative Services at Con Cor Design, industrial designer and transhumanist with a lust for technology. Continue Reading... >>

"World Builder" - the Architect of the Future


I stumbled upon a video last night which I had seen ages ago, but still tingles my spine every time I see it. It gave me a similar feeling when watching amazing 
The Third & The Seventh film by Alex Roman, and seems to have been inspired by scenes from "The Matrix" and "Minority Report”.

This one called "World Builder" is an award winning short film created by filmmaker Bruce Branit, known as the co-creator of "405" (generally thought of as one of, if not the first viral film property),  and it a film where Holographic Simulations meet Romance. 

World Builder, a beautiful European town square seems to materialize from thin air and the "builder’s" glowing user interface, using holographic colour palettes and manipulating shapes and volumes with his mind and gestures; all to build a world for the woman he loves. Continue Reading... >>

MAYAnMAYA present "That is Architecture..."

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