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ACM006 - intro to Artlantis 3

intro to artlantis 3

Abvent Atlantis is recognised as the fastest and most powerful solution for photo-realistic rendering and animation developed for architects and designers, used by roughly 65,000 users in 80 countries, in 7 languages.

It’s not a full blown modelling + rendering program like 3DS Max or Cinema4D, but a stand-alone rendering application, as it has simple tasks and does them awesomely well! This is due to its rendering engine developed especially for architecture, offering accuracy and speed unmatched by any other product on the market.

In this introduction I go through a quick intro of Artlantis 3, the reasons why it’s sometimes more suitable for architectural visualisation, the two versions (
Artlantis R + Artlantis Studio), some of the amazing features it offers - including the innovative and superfast radiosity preview, the drag+drop process of adding objects and shaders to your model, water animation + interactive cloud formations, + more.

Plugins : Artlantis plays very well with others, being able to interface directly with popular 3D CAD + BIM applications like ArchiCAD, VectorWorks, SketchUp Pro + more. But with the recent addition of the DWF, OBJ and FBX import formats and updated DXF, DWG and 3DS plug-ins, Artlantis seamlessly interacts with all the leading CAD software as well.

artlantis media

Finally I mention the extensive media, shader, and object libraries offered in both versions, as well as where you can download or buy some additional libraries to use in your model, including the Artlantis Media Libraries and ObjectsOnline.com, a virtual product library created by Abvent offering the largest collection of 3D parametric objects dedicated to architecture and design.

I’d like to thank everyone again for all your fantastic emails and comments about the show, on iTunes, Facebook and all the online video sites. Please keep ‘em coming!

If you download the iTunes version, I've added chapters into the video so you can jump to any part you want.

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ACM003 - intro to Archicad


In this episode I introduce one of my favourite applications, Graphisoft Archicad the world’s leading 3D parametric design software for architects, interior designers and others in the design industry. It has established itself as a highly intuitive, flexible and mature product, with which over a million buildings have been designed.

The show covers:

  • Quick intro to Archicad
  • The Virtual BuildingTM | BIM
  • Version compatibility with mac + pc
  • Award-winning designs
  • Virtual TraceTM
  • Partial Structure Display
  • 3D Document
  • Collaboration
  • Useful websites

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Useful links

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ACM002 - archiCADmonkey reborn | back in business

I’m very excited to get archiCADmonkey back on the bitwaves with my new website and revamped show. I’d like to firstly thank everyone for your patience, and especially all the great comments + feedback. It’s been over a year since my last show, as a lot has been going on since then. After a tough final year at university, I finally graduated from architecture in July. Since then I’ve been working in Greece + the UK as an architectual assistant, while redeveloping the show in my spare time.

it’s more than just a screencast ... it's the archiCADmonkey blog!

So, the archiCADmonkey blog will feature the tutorial posts, some up to date information on the software I cover in the screencasts, along with useful CAD news and websites.

The upcoming shows will cover introductions, tips + tricks of many of the established architectural programs, as well as some other useful applications on the mac + pc + iphone.

I have received a few requests about some advanced features of the programs, but I think that the evolution of the shows should reflect the learning path of the beginner to the experienced user. So the first shows will be focused on the basic principles + techniques for CADnewbies and will evolve to more advanced techniques for the more experienced and CADveterans.

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ACM001 - Sketchup 101

In the first of the series we explore Google Sketchup. Most possibly the most intuitive three-dimensional design program, it offers unparalleled user friendliness, simple design tools and techniques. This allows the user to quickly draw up conceptual designs, while also having the ability to add extensive detail to the 3D model.

Users can simply draw lines to create a traditional 2D CAD drawing, or take it a step further and quickly create 3D objects. Along with its seamless integration with Google Earth, it is a very powerful piece of software which practically anyone can learn and master.

Following an overview of the program’s capabilities and main user interface we continue with some basic and essential techniques to get you started.

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acm001 - Sketchup 101 from archicadmonkey on Vimeo.

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Enjoy the show!
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ACM000 - archiCADmonkey Intro

Welcome to archiCADmonkey, a screencast about everything CAD and beyond for Mac & PC, helping you design in two, three, and four dimensions to your full potential!

In the series we will explore essential programs, covering topics from 2D to 3D design, photo-realistic rendering and photo-manipulation, as well as hints and tips. Divided into Levels, the shows will introduce the basic concepts in Level 1, move on to intermediate technique in Level 2, to finally explore more advanced situations and in-depth tricks in Level 3.

The software we will be exploring include:
Thanks for visiting archiCADmonkey and I hope you enjoy the shows!

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You can also watch a lower quality version below:

acm000 - intro to archiCADmonkey from archicadmonkey on Vimeo.

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