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Interview with ArchiCAD Master Eric Bobrow - Dec 2011


I’d like to welcome back Mr Eric Bobrow to the show. Many of you may remember him from his previous interview on the site, he’s an internationally recognised ArchiCAD expert and author, who has been in the industry for over 20 years.

In this interview we discuss his experience with his highly successful
Best Practices Course, which is celebrating its one year anniversary, and his most recent ArchiCAD QuickStart Course, his online Coaching programs, along with his great plans for the new year and more.

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archiCADmonkey featured on BIM Engine - Graphisoft Blog

Last month I was very excited to randomly find that I’d been featured on
Graphisoft’s blog : BIM Engine, the official blog of Graphisoft North America!!! I am very honoured by the post and humbled by the words of @ArchiCADGirl.

Check out the original post here:

archiCADmonkey on the BIM Engine blog

Interview Part Deux with Eric Bobrow - June 2011

< < Check out the first full interview of the ArchiCAD Jedi Master

eric bobrow interview

So, we last spoke in March just before you reopened the Best Practices Course and the videos have seemed to have got raving reviews from the course members. How have  the past few months been for you? Are you enjoying directing the course?

This is an amazing journey that we're having together. I'm digging deep to find ways to communicate the essence of ArchiCAD's structure and principles of workflow. Many course members tell me that things in ArchiCAD are making more sense, that I'm connecting the dots, and that they are really enjoying the program far more.

I'm finding the community process very satisfying, as I interact directly with frequent coaching calls - we had been doing one per month, but since March, it's been three times each month. The questions people ask have really stretched me - while frequently I know "the answer" because I've explained it to others many times before, on other occasions I need to work hard to come up with a short and elegant solution to a challenging real-world design challenge, right on the fly, while explaining each step along the way. I explore solutions right in front of the group, trying different options until I reach something fairly satisfying.

One of the course members wrote:

"I really enjoy your fearlessly exploratory style as you work through various solutions to a problem. You make it seem as though anything is possible.  It is a pleasure to be taking your course.  It has been literally life changing."

Wow! This gives me great joy, as I know that I'm not only teaching, I'm empowering course members to master ArchiCAD and use it creatively without fear....

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My article in ArchiMAG magazine : April 2011


So, a few days ago I was contacted by ArchiMAG, the international ArchiCAD focused magazine, saying that they wanted to feature one of my tutorials on their blog, and they did, which was great! But then we got talking a bit more and they asked me if I’d like to possibly write for their magazine. I’ve never written anything professionally before, but a couple of articles on the blog have actually brought some consistently large traffic, so I’m giving it a shot!

The periodical covers articles about software and hardware as well as tips n’ tricks, and this month the ArchiMAG magazine is featuring one of my older but still relevant blogposts, “How to use Apple’s Magic Mouse with CAD”. I’m attempting to have at least one article for each future issue of ArchiMAG, so stay tuned.

Check out the cover of this issue’s magazine along with the article! I gotta say, it looks pretty awesome! Continue Reading... >>

It's LIVE! The ArchiCAD Best Practices Course is open

Man Standing at the Entrance

There's no time to lose, so you've seen the
FREE videos, go reserve your space in the Best Practices Course experience!

I've had the chance to take a sneak peak behind the scenes and I can honestly tell you the amount of great videos and content is mesmerising. This might be the most important opportunity you’ll ever have to transform your professional life! Continue Reading... >>

My interview with Eric Bobrow!


< < Update June 2011 - Check out the interview Part Deux of the ArchiCAD Jedi Master > >

So I had the chance the other day to interview Mr Eric Bobrow. As I mentioned in my
earlier post, he’s an internationally recognised ArchiCAD expert and author, who has been in the industry for over 20 years.

In this exclusive interview we discuss Eric’s long and illustrious career, the birth and evolution of ArchiCAD, striving for more efficient workflows, his first product called “
MasterTemplate”, his previous career as a professional dancer, as well as the upcoming reopening of his ArchiCAD Best Practices Course, and more!

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Eric Bobrow on Youtube


If you haven’t already checked out Eric Bobrow’s free preview of the Best Practices Course, what are ya waiting for? But if you want even MORE free stuff, Eric’s been kind enough to add a few videos with valuable tips n’ tricks of the trade on his new Youtube Channel. That’all folks, happy ArchiCADing!

Lessons from an Archicad Jedi Master - Eric Bobrow


Having trouble with Archicad? Do you want to save hours of work with a few simple tips? Well our long-time colleague Eric Bobrow, internationally recognised Archicad expert and author, has brought out a new online training course on the most effective methods for working with ArchiCAD and not battling with it.

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the CADmonkey returns....again!

First of all I suppose apologies are in order all round for my abrupt M.I.A this summer. If you’ve been following me on twitter @acmonkey you’ll probably have noticed that I’ve been slightly busy these past few months : establishing archiCADmonkey as an actual company, moving from the UK to my new home in Greece, planning and arranging wedding plans, as well as starting a new job as an Architectural Assistant, soon to be taking my exams to be a qualified Architect. Tasks that on their own are taxing enough, but together have merged into a singularity that has been sucking in all of my energy and time. So, though I have attempted many times over the past few weeks to get cracking on the new shows, or at least kickstart some blogposts, the exhaustion would catch up and I’d blackout with my hands on the keyboard.

I do hope I have been keeping up with all your questions and fantastic emails you’ve been sending over, the comments and queries on the
Facebook fan page and on the Youtube channel, “you like me, you reaaally like me!” :) ....anyhoo, if I haven’t got back to you yet don’t worry I will eventually. My “action” folder in Mail has been bursting at the seams for a couple of weeks now, so hang tight, I’m on it.

Oh and just a little heads up on the showfront. You may have noticed the
archiCADmonkey iPhone app, well the feedback has been so amazing from all you who downloaded it, saying how great it is to be able to watch the shows on the go (especially on the bus into work or university apparently), that I’m going to start a little treat for everyone who’s downloaded it. Every new show will be released first onto the iPhone app, before it’s released to the rest of the web a few days later! Plus you’ll be able to see all the shows on the iPad as well, as the app works great on there too. (working on a native iPad app soon)

Ok enough jibber jabber, I’m finally starting to get settled and getting on top of work, so I’m hoping to resume my archiCADmonkeying as normal very soon. I’ve got a bunch of cool new stuff to post, some great tips from some of you to share with the rest of the fans, and a lot of awesome new shows in the queue.

Talk to you soon.

Apollo (a.k.a. Sir archiCADmonkey)

the new archiCADmonkey iPhone app

archicadmonkey iphone app

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archiCADmonkey musings on iPad


Hey everyone, just a quick update. If you’ve been following me on twitter @acmonkey you probably noticed that on Friday (which coincidently was the day of the iPad launch in the UK) I went out for a quick jog, having no intention of going by my nearest Apple store (Manchester Arndale) but somehow ended up there, and I thought I may as well try the iPad out to actually see if it’s any good.

Suffices to say, after a half hour of controlling myself my tech geek side overpowered me and I gave in. Continue Reading... >>

Autocad for mac beta "Sledgehammer" found on video


Autocad finally coming to the Mac!

autocad LOVE mac

It seems the Fates have not forsaken us!

A couple of months ago
I had mentioned that Autodesk had conducted an online survey which suggested the company was evaluating the interest of Mac CAD users, and possibly even alpha testing a Mac version of Autocad! Now it seems the rumours may have actually been true thanks to a sneaky beta tester from Italy....

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Shanghai Wold Expo 2010 boasts Archicad designs

shanghai expo 2010

This year’s Shanghai World Expo included more than 190 countries and over 50 international organisations, making it one of China’s largest ever expos. The innovative pavilions are always a major focus boasting many ground-breaking structures, and this year many of which were designed in
Archicad, including the entries of Norway, Hungary, Finland, Iceland and Russia.

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archiCADmonkey featured on the Artlantis blog

artlantis blog

This morning I was catching up on some RSS feeds after my brief time in Greece for the easter period, and an article jumped out at me and what d’ya know, over the weekend the archiCADmonkey show was featured on the official Artlantis Blog : Artlantissimo - of course the episode they blogged about was the ACM006 - intro to Artlantis, a brief introductory video showing why Artlantis is great for 3D rendering architectural models.

It’s such an honour to be recognised by Abvent while the show is still in its early days. The next show will be even better when it’s released - I’m still working on a few screencast pieces - so “ Artlantis 101 ” should be up on the bitwaves in the next couple of weeks.

Till then please show some love to the folks over at Artlantissimo

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