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ACM007 - Artlantis 101

artlantis 101

So this is a followup show to
ACM006 - intro to Artlantis, where I explored what Artlantis is and why it’s such a fantastic piece of software - especially for architects. It would probably be best to check out that show for a quick introduction before diving into this one, but still this is just going through the basics. Abvent Artlantis is recognised as the fastest and most powerful solution for photo-realistic rendering and animation developed for architects and designers. This show will bring you up to speed on lots of the functions and capabilities of this great piece of software!

I’m exploring how to download the Artlantis 3 trial from the
Artlantis site as well as MyArchicad.com - where I downloaded the Archicad 13 trial in the Archicad 101 show. If you’re a student or teacher, just like with Archicad you can apply for a free 1-year educational license for Archicad and Artlantis from myarchicad.com.

In addition to the trial, I download the
Archicad to Artlantis exporter - enabling me to save my 3D Archicad model into an Artlantis one, so I can edit and render it. Next I export the 3D building model I created in show ACM005 from Archicad, import it to Artlantis, and give a quick overview of the general interface. I then add some shaders to the model from the Catalog - Artlantis’s great object manager - while replacing some of the Archicad materials with the more sophisticated Artlantis shaders, setting the scene with the heliodon and cloud formations, and then finally rendering a scene for final output.

Below you can play the show directly on the site, and then see the rest on the
Vimeo or Youtube channels. Though if you subscribe to the iTunes version, I've added chapters into the video so you can jump to any part you choose, and all subsequent shows will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

The show covers:

  • Downloading + installing Artlantis 3
  • Downloading + installing the Archicad 13 exporter
  • Exporting a 3D building model from Archicad
  • Opening the model in Artlantis
  • An overview of the Artlantis inteface
  • the Preview window + 3D navigation
  • the Settings window
  • the Heliodon Tab
  • Sun + shadow settings
  • Cloud formations
  • the Camera tab
  • the Catalog
  • adding Shaders
  • replacing Archicad materials
  • the Shader inspector
  • Simple Rendering
  • Quick wrapup

view show on iPhone

If you’d like to share any tips, or need any additional help, just email me at archicadmonkey@gmail.com or from the contact me section. As always quick review on iTunes would be very much appreciated!

Enjoy the show!

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