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Sivak Dmitry's winning free-form building designed in Archicad

sivak dmitriy 02

Back in show
ACM003 I had mentioned ArchitectsJury, a community website where you can upload your work, get feedback, get inspiration and get noticed. Your work can get reviewed by others, you can make contacts with other students and even potential employers, or just get some ideas, plus from time to time there are even some student competitions where prizes are given out.

Segwaying nicely into my subject today, a winning project in the
2009 Fall ArchitectsJury competition - a very dynamic museum of modern art designed in Archicad by Sivak Dmitriy - a student at the Odessa State Academy of Building and Architecture (Ukraine).

sivak dmitriy 01

Sivak apparently created the project with the standard
Archicad 13 version - no addons or plugins, but by having a very good grasp on the Mesh tool and the Solid Element Operations - and as he describes he intended to create a museum “using expressive, dynamic, modern forms to emphasize its role, and to create a new destination for visitors to the city.”

sivak dmitriy 03

To see more about the winning project + more renderings and plans, visit the
ArchitectsJury winners page

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