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the CADmonkey returns....again!

First of all I suppose apologies are in order all round for my abrupt M.I.A this summer. If you’ve been following me on twitter @acmonkey you’ll probably have noticed that I’ve been slightly busy these past few months : establishing archiCADmonkey as an actual company, moving from the UK to my new home in Greece, planning and arranging wedding plans, as well as starting a new job as an Architectural Assistant, soon to be taking my exams to be a qualified Architect. Tasks that on their own are taxing enough, but together have merged into a singularity that has been sucking in all of my energy and time. So, though I have attempted many times over the past few weeks to get cracking on the new shows, or at least kickstart some blogposts, the exhaustion would catch up and I’d blackout with my hands on the keyboard.

I do hope I have been keeping up with all your questions and fantastic emails you’ve been sending over, the comments and queries on the
Facebook fan page and on the Youtube channel, “you like me, you reaaally like me!” :) ....anyhoo, if I haven’t got back to you yet don’t worry I will eventually. My “action” folder in Mail has been bursting at the seams for a couple of weeks now, so hang tight, I’m on it.

Oh and just a little heads up on the showfront. You may have noticed the
archiCADmonkey iPhone app, well the feedback has been so amazing from all you who downloaded it, saying how great it is to be able to watch the shows on the go (especially on the bus into work or university apparently), that I’m going to start a little treat for everyone who’s downloaded it. Every new show will be released first onto the iPhone app, before it’s released to the rest of the web a few days later! Plus you’ll be able to see all the shows on the iPad as well, as the app works great on there too. (working on a native iPad app soon)

Ok enough jibber jabber, I’m finally starting to get settled and getting on top of work, so I’m hoping to resume my archiCADmonkeying as normal very soon. I’ve got a bunch of cool new stuff to post, some great tips from some of you to share with the rest of the fans, and a lot of awesome new shows in the queue.

Talk to you soon.

Apollo (a.k.a. Sir archiCADmonkey)
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