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the architect who became a 3D film maker : Joseph Kosinski

tron legacy

Having been a great fan Disney’s 1982 film, “Tron” was probably one of the first movies that sparked my interest in 3D modelling and animation. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a fantastic film - especially for those early years of computing. Compared to today’s 3D realism it’s archaic obviously, but still very impressive for the ‘80s.

I had heard that someone was possibly working on a Tron remake/sequel, as it seems most series and movies are being done - best of all until now being hands down “
Battlestar Galactica”, but that’s a topic for another post - so I was delighted to read Cliff Kuang’s post on Fast Company about the new “Tron Legacy”.

The sets seem very impressive and there’s definitely some great quality CGI in there. What shocked me was that the director is apparently an architect! Joseph Kosinski’s first time feature is foreseen to be one of the most expensive films ever, but an immensely immersive one.

the crew
Director Joseph Kosinksi on the right

As an architect he understands three-dimensional space better than most and with his extensive design and technology background, he seems to be the right man for the job. Although he never went into practice, he describes - in his interview below from the 5D conference - how the architectural lessons he has learned have influenced every aspect of his film work.

I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait for the December release of "Tron Legacy”.

Read Cliff Kuang’s article at Fast Company

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