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Viewing PSD files on iPad? Adobe wants your input

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Photoshop iPad

Adobe + Apple may not have the greatest relationship of late - due to the neverending “no flash on the iPhone or iPad” grudge - but it seems Adobe is trying to sneak their way in again, as they first did by collaborating with Wired to create a very interactive and immersive version of the magazine for the iPad with InDesign CS5.

According to
9to5 Mac this time they’re asking for feedback on the possibility of viewing Photoshop files on the iPad. Posting the question on his blog, John Nack (former Photoshop Product Manager) is now focusing his strengths to developing tablet apps, adding:

“I periodically hear requests for the ability to view Photoshop PSD files on devices like the iPad (for example, browsing files that one has synced via Dropbox).

Adobe of course could build the viewing platform, but they want to know if they should focus their efforts on such a feat. It is possible that they could integrate it into something like their sketchbook app
Adobe Ideas for iPad, but one has to ask the question - if you won’t be able to edit the Photoshop files on the iPad, would you really need to view them as PSDs?

Essentially they will be a flattened images, with no more functionality than a PNG or JPG file, just taking up a lot more space on the iPad and taking more time to load. A useful ability would be to add a few notes or at least to turn layer combinations on / off and thus view different design options. In the end the functionality may be a PDF, PSD, image viewer with similar functionality to Adobe Reader.

What do you think? Feel free to share your views on this topic

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