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"World Builder" - the Architect of the Future


I stumbled upon a video last night which I had seen ages ago, but still tingles my spine every time I see it. It gave me a similar feeling when watching amazing 
The Third & The Seventh film by Alex Roman, and seems to have been inspired by scenes from "The Matrix" and "Minority Report”.


This one called "World Builder" is an award winning short film created by filmmaker Bruce Branit, known as the co-creator of "405" (generally thought of as one of, if not the first viral film property),  and it a film where Holographic Simulations meet Romance. 

World Builder, a beautiful European town square seems to materialize from thin air and the "builder’s" glowing user interface, using holographic colour palettes and manipulating shapes and volumes with his mind and gestures; all to build a world for the woman he loves.

One of my definite favourite elements is the builder's interface concept with fingertip control, a wrist-mounted colour & texture palette, somehow bringing much loved Photoshop tools into the "real world".


The film was shot in a single day followed by about two years of post production! It went on to win at the KC Filmmakers Jubilee, the Indianapolis International Film Festival and the Indy Shorts Fest. Just goes to show how amazing imagination and inventiveness, even with a low budge, can create such a masterpiece. 


http://vimeo.com/3365942">World Builder from http://vimeo.com/user1349603">BranitVFX on http://vimeo.com">Vimeo.

In an interview with CGSociety Bruce Branit talks about the process behind the project development : 

"It was shot on a Varicam in HD and editted using Premiere. All the 3D as well as the pre-vis were done in Lightwave. This project was started about 4 years ago and real-world lighting, and radiosity have become much more affordable time-wise on a project this large. I would love to have the chance to start over with those new tools. It would look twice as real, and probably render twice as fast today. All of the compositing was carried out in Digital Fusion. The greenscreens were a little difficult with the HD footage, but after I had roughly comped all the shots, I took a job for 3 weeks ,again with CafeFX, working on King Kong and learned some really great keying techniques. I went back and re-keyed every shot and got a much nicer key for most of the shots."

Branit is the owner of Branit VFX based in Kansas City. http://branitfx.com/

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